50/50 Raffles

American Legion:  Senator Hall’s bill to allow non-profit organizations (such as veterans groups) to partner with sports teams to hold 50/50 raffles at sporting events has passed the Legislature and is on the Governor’s desk.  SB 549 will provide a great way for veterans groups to raise significant funds from a large pool of people for your programs.

Contact the Governor’s office and let him know you support the bill and want him to sign it into law.  The American Legion, Dep’t. of CA Sponsored this bill.

phone:  916-445-2841 (between 9:00 am to 5:00 pm, M-F)

fax:  916-558-3160

e-mail:  Use the e-mail system on the Governor’s web-site:  http://govnews.ca.gov/gov39mail/mail.php

Message:  “Please sign SB 549.  This bill will help veterans organizations raise funds for programs that help veterans and their families.”

What SB 549 does:
SB 549 will provide a vital fundraising tool that non-profit veterans service organizations can utilize to raise funds for the programs they administer. The provisions of SB 549 will allow non-profit veterans service organizations, like those listed above, to partner with professional sports franchises to operate game day 50/50 charitable raffles.
These sporting events will allow a large section of the public to give to a worthy cause while still engaging in a raffle.Many veterans groups are struggling financially because of the passing of World War II and Korean War veterans, while at the same time trying to assist the large population of young, new veterans from the recent wars.
SB 549 will allow veterans service organizations to reach a larger audience in their fundraising efforts by partnering with professional sports teams.
Other states which allow these 50/50 raffles by professional sports foundations have shown that the raffles allow teams to greatly expand their local charitable giving, and also to broaden their partnerships with a diverse group of local charities; including veterans service organizations, which the professional sports teams are generally unaware of presently.