The Commander’s Corner

Dear Legionnaire:

New or high tenure, these are very exciting times for our organization as we celebrate 100-years if service. Since 1919 we have and will continue our work in our Four Pillars of Service: Veterans, Youth, Americanism and Defense. Thanks to you, each member before us and all members to come, we shall continue our extremely valuable contributions for our country.

Area 5 consists of 107 Post within Imperial, Orange, San Bernardino, San Diego and Riverside counties. For those that like statistics, here are some membership statistics from last year (2018):

  1. With 25,590 members, we are the largest Area relative to membership strength.
  2. We have 2,942 Paid Up For Life (PUFL) members = 11.5% of our membership.
  3. We recruited 1,443 new members = 5.6% of our membership.
  4. We transferred 1687 members from Post 1000 and other Posts outside our Area = 6.5% of our membership.
  5. 5,377 members chose to renew their membership via online = +21% of our membership. Thankfully, this method of renewals continues to increase as it saves on National money on mailing renewal notices!
  6. 14,141 members renewed via transmittals Posts = 55.3% of our membership.

Statistics are great but in reality, they are just numbers. It’s up to use to make good use of them. Re-“member,” “Member”ship is the lifeblood of our organization and everyone’s responsibility…

A few years ago, our organization began updating our systems to modern technology. As our National organization processes membership, it activated an electronic system to assist members, Posts, Departments and National. The system is called “MyLegion”
If you have not done so, please go there and…

  1. Create your own Mylegion account. Enter ALL the requested information and when you provide your phone # please:
    1. Provide your cell phone # “123-456-7890 C” as it is the priority number
    2. If you do not have a cell, please provide your home # “123-456-7890 H”
  2. When renewing your membership online; it posts to the account within 24-hours AND provides you a receipt of payment. After posting; in MyLegion, you will be able to print out your 100th Special Edition Membership Card while you are awaiting the card from the Post. NOTE: Members can also access this and more via The American Legion phone App.If you have not renewed your 2019 Membership, please renew here
  3. Access to manuals and more…

I would rather have 100-people volunteering 1% of the time
1-person volunteering 100% all day and all month long! 

In a 30-day month there are 43,200 minutes, 1% = 432-minutes!
432-minutes = 7.2 hours

1-person volunteers 24-hours a day for 1-month
720 hours per person (pp) = TOTALLY IMPOSSIBLE!!!

1 member volunteering 1% each month would be ONLY 7.2-hours pp each month
100 members volunteering 1% = 720-hours each month


  1. Renew your membership for 2019 (a few minutes)
  2. Create and update your MyLegion Account (few minutes more)
  3. Complete American Legion Training – (3-hours)
  4. Attend Post Meetings (2-4 hours)


  1. Membership (Recruiting & Retention): Recruit new members & mentoring
  2. Attend Meetings
  3. Assist Post: Officers, Events, etc.


  • Legacy Centric: Four Pillars
  • People/Membership: R&R = Recruit & Retain, 2×100% Districts, +95% for 2019, personal recruiting awards and +camaraderie
  • Policies/Compliance: Timely submissions of Departmental documentations
  • Procedures/Training: 50% completion of Basic Training & provide additional training
  • Awards: 2×100% applications for Personal & Post awards

God Bless America and God Bless The American Legion…

Tracy “T-Dog” Rascoe / Area 5 Vice-Commander
American Legion Department of California 
Go Navy & Go Army – Aye Aye & HOOAH!!!